Tuesday night class cancelled for this week only, August 7th

 All Day Sit, Saturday August 25th-see retreat tab for more info


 Change in meditation start time to 9AM  August 11th, so the SIZ Litterheads can be out early to beat the heat.

SKY ISLAND LITTERHEADS will be at it again! We have adopted Arcadia wash between 5th and Speedway through Tucson Clean and Beautiful. Due to the warming temperatures, we will start on Saturday, August, at 7 AM here at the zendo. We will carpool to a parking spot near the wash. Gloves, bags, visibility vests and grabbers are provided


Sky Island Zen is in the lineage of  Everyday Zen, founded by Zoketsu Norman Fischer. We are in the Soto Zen lineage through San Francisco Zen Center and  back to Dogen Zenji. Our guiding teacher is Hoka Chris Fortin, our founding priest is Shozan Mary Koopman,  and our Head of Doan Ryo is Dai Marie Olson.

We meet regularly on Saturday mornings at 8.30 AM for zazen and service (gate opens at 8:00), and on Tuesday evenings  at 5:45 for meditation and a dharma dialogue (gate opens at 5:30). Click here for a full schedule and directions.

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The mission of Sky Island Zen is to offer a place to practice together, whether you are a first time or long-term practitioner. We offer weekly meditations, service and a book study class. All are welcome.

Email us at skyislandzen@gmail.com or find us on Facebook here.

Sky Island Zen is located at 4002 E 4th Street, Tucson, AZ 85711.

We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization