Spring 2019 SIZ annual sesshin March 12-17

We have one space left due to cancelation!  Email us at for more info and an application

All Day Sits- stay tuned for next scheduled event

Please join us at Sky Island Zen for all or part of the day. This is a good opportunity to deepen our practice together. And for those who have not sat retreat before, this is a way to experience spending more time on the cushion.

You may enter the zendo when the bell rings at the end of a meditation period or after the clackers are hit to end walking meditation. It will be warm, so dress lightly in dull or muted colors if you can.

All are welcome. If you are new to practice, just let us know in advance. If you wish, we can give you an orientation beforehand. Please contact us at to arrange it.

What to bring:

If you are staying for the day, please bring a pot luck item for lunch. Drinks will be provided. If you have a favorite cushion or bench, bring it along, otherwise we have plenty.

For directions, click here

All day sit schedule

8:00 Gate opens –tea available

8:20 Call to zendo-Han begins, please be on your cushion by 8:25

8:30 Welcome, zazen ( beginning with robe chant, #1 then 3 bows by doshi)

8:55 kinhin

9:05 zazen

9:30 Service: lighting of incense and 3 bows by all, then 3 bows by doshi only, chants #2 Heart Sutra, #3 Hymn to the Perfection of Wisdom, #4Enmei Jukko Kannon Gyo, Eko and #10, bottom “All Buddhas”) followed by 3 bows by all. Followed by short break with single bell to call to zendo

10:00 Zazen

10:25  Dharma talk

11: 25 Kinhin

11:35 Zazen

12:00 Service –lighting incense, 3 bows by all then 3 bows by doshi, chant # 8 Sandokai-Harmony of Difference and Equality, Eko, All Buddhas, end with 3 bows by all

12:30 pot luck lunch and clean up followed by break and rest period (ok to move mats to lie down in zendo)

1:35 Han – call to zendo

1:45 Zazen

2:10 Kinhin


3:00 Closing with chanting #13, The Dakini Speaks, #10 Purification, 3 bows by all.





Sue Moon, Mary Koopman, Chris Fortin at a women’s retreat


2019 dates are September 26-29

More info and registration will be available  in late July


For three days we will ground ourselves in silent meditation and share in wholehearted conversation in the wonder of Aravaipa Canyon. While sitting under Brandenburg Mountain beside Aravaipa creek, as women together we will explore how the teachings are relevant in our lives today.


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Chris is a Zen priest and senior teacher in the Everyday Zen community who received dharma transmission from Zoketsu Norman Fischer. She is also an MA MFT psychotherapist and spiritual counselor. She is founder of Dharma Heart Zen and guiding teacher for Sky Island Zen. Chris also is co-founder of Veteran’s Path, offering meditation and mindfulness retreats for veterans.


Sue is a writer, editor, and one of the senior teachers in the Everyday Zen community. She leads retreats and teaches writing workshops in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to The Hidden Lamp: Stories from 25 Centuries of Awakened Women, her books include This Is Getting Old: Zen Thoughts on Aging with Humor and Dignity and most recently, with co-author Norman Fischer, What Is Zen? Plain Talk for a Beginner’s Mind. She lives in Berkeley, California.


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$325 includes meals and accommodations (basic small dormitory rooms). Complete information about the ranch can be found at Contact for application. This retreat is limited to 16 participants. If you wish to attend and are unfamiliar with Zen Buddhist practice, please contact Mary Koopman at 520 400-8928.