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Saturday mornings at the Little Chapel

Located on the U of A campus at 1401 E 1st St, 85719

8:00 Gate opens

8:15 First meditation period begins

8:40 Walking meditation (kinhin)

8:50 Second sitting period begins

9:15 Zen Service (bows and chanting)

You are welcome to come for all or part of the morning. Before the service we will hand out copies of the chants. The service is simple and if you are new, you can just follow along.


Tuesday Evenings Dharma Dialog  Book Class


Location 7500 N Calle Sin Envidia

Brookdale Community Center, Activities Room, 1st floor –  From main entrance take first right past nurses station. Go to the end of the hall. Make a right at the grandfather clock. Continue past a second nurses station, enter first door on left into meeting room.

5:30 door opens

5:45 Sit

6:15 Class – dharma book study

This is an informal meeting. . All are welcome – those established in or new to Buddhist practice or don’t identify at Buddhist but are interested. The discussion is deepened by beginners mind! We usually end by 7:30 at the latest. Since we read and talk about what we read , you can join us at any time. Books are shared if you don’t have it.

We are currently reading The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully, by Frank Ostaseski. Please bring the book if you have it, but if not, no problem.

All day sit – March 28, 2020

8:00 Gate/door opens –tea available (or come early to help set up)

8:15 Call to zendo-Han begins

8:25 Welcome, zazen ( beginning with robe chant, 3 bows by doshi)

8:30 Zazen

8:55 Kinhin

9:05 Zazen

9:30 Service

9:50 Off to Arcadia Wash for work practice

10:05 Wash clean up

11: 30 return to Little Chapel

11:50  zazen

12:15 Service

12:30 pot luck lunch followed by break and rest period (ok to move mats to lie down in zendo)

1:30 Han – call to zendo

1:40 zazen

2:05 kinhin

2:15 zazen

2:40 dharma talk (recorded talk)

3:40 zazen

4:05 Closing service

4:15 clean up and pack





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