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Saturday morning zoom schedule

8:15 zoom opens

8:30 zazen

8:55 kinhin

9:05 zazen

9:30 service


Live sits are suspended- Saturday mornings at the Little Chapel

Located on the U of A campus at 1401 E 1st St, 85719

8:00 Gate opens

8:15 First meditation period begins

8:40 Walking meditation (kinhin)

8:50 Second sitting period begins

9:15 Zen Service (bows and chanting)

You are welcome to come for all or part of the morning. Before the service we will hand out copies of the chants. The service is simple and if you are new, you can just follow along.


Tuesday Evenings Dharma Dialog  Book Class -suspended due to the pandemic





All day sit – March 27, 2021


All-Day Sitting Schedule

Print this schedule (PDF)

8:45:   Zoom room opens

9:00:   Welcome and orientation

9:15:   Zazen

9:45:   Kinhin

9:55:   Zazen

10:25: Kinhin

10:35: Dharma Talk

11:25: Kinhin- outside if possible

11:45: Zazen

12:15:  Service

12:25:  Meal chant before lunch. Silent Lunch

1:25:   End of meal chant and begin Zazen

1:55:   Outside walking or stretching

2:25:   Zazen  

2:55:   Kinhin

3:05:   Zazen

3:35:   Service

3:50   Closing words from Chris –  End of the day

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